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Construction Underway for Iarowari Highschool Aquaculture Farm

Construction has begun on a fish farm for Iarowari Highschool, located in Central Province on the Sogeri Plateau, approximately 45 kilometres from Port Moresby.

Network Kokoda is a key partner in assisting headmaster, Andrew Moava, transform this 500 student Year 9 to 11 school into an Agricultural College. The school facilities comprise of old buildings that housed the Australian Army Signals Unit in 1942 and include the original mess hut, kitchen and cooking preparation area and ablution block.

Network Kokoda would like to thank the Richmond Rotary Club for it’s generous involvement & contribution to this project.

Listen to Principal Andrew Moava talk about the history of the school and his visions for it’s future.

Project Details

Initial Clean Up: One and a half day of Iarowari fish pond construction.

Nature/Condition: abandoned pond is filled with dirt- mud sediments from runoff, litter (plastics, bottles, tins etc). Partly Damaged concrete outlet, uneven dimensions, fallen tree in pond. Continuous flow in of water with sediments.

Phase One

  • Clear pipe inlet to allow even flow of water.

  • 18mm thick plywood to cover water inlet culvert- about 100cm diameter

  • 100mm hole drilled through plywood for pipe fitting.

  • Construction pipe way line of 100mm PVC pipe from inlet directly to the outlet (50m)

  • The control of water to allow for the dirt and thick mud to dry so as to allow for easy excavation of dirt.

Labour: Sogeri Urban Youths engaged as contractors for the project.

Ration: A bale of rice, protein, and juice provided for the boys to have as lunch.

Tools: wheelbarrows, spades, shovels, mattocks, metal rakes, crowbar.

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